Paper for ESA Sociology of Culture conference

I’m currently preparing a paper, “Exploring the notion of pathways in the sociology of culture: A Japanese Electronica musician’s encounter with ‘Logic Pro’” that examines one of my key informant’s career trajectory from student to musician in Norway.

Disseminating findings from my research on migrant musicians

I am currently writing up findings from my postdoctoral research on how musicians of an immigrant origin develop their career at the Hedmark University College’s Musical gentrification and socio-cultural diversities project. Three themes have emerged that I want to discuss in these articles. I will be submitting these to peer reviewed publications.

SAMORA article about my work

As well as regular academic papers, I am also keen to disseminate my findings in more generally available publications. As a part of this popular dissemination I have written an article for SAMORA (Nordic cultural magazine on minority related issues) entitled “Musikere med immigrantbakgrunn i Norge tråkker opp nye stier” which will be published later this year.

Presenting at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities conference 2013

I am very pleased to have had my paper “Lay crafting of joyful and inclusive musical events: Participant observation with a community-based volunteer group in South England” accepted at this years conference on “Multiformity and diversity: Combining individual care and community-based supports” in Tokyo, Japan. I will participate in a panel with colleagues from Kobe University on the topic of “What helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to enjoy music activities: towards better quality of life-long development“. 

Lær mer om musikkbruk i demens

Hvordan kan man forbedre livskvaliteten for demente og deres pårørende?


Jeg kan tilby skreddersydde workshoper/introduksjonskurs hvor man lære hvordan kjente sanger kan brukes i forskjellige pleiesituasjoner; dette kan være alt i fra en to timers introduksjon til flere dagers kurs. Disse workshopene passer for pleiere, frivillige, kulturkonsulenter og pedagoger og kan inkludere pilotaktiviteter sammen med demente og deres pårørende, noe som kan lede til selvgående og mer langsiktige aktiviteter drevet av kursdeltagere. Jeg kan også foreta casestudier for institusjoner og kommuner og komme med anbefalinger basert på lokale behov etter å ha jobbet med pleiere, pårørende og demente.


Nedenfor presenterer jeg noen brukerhistorier og mer informasjon om hva jeg kan tilby av tjenester.

Om meg

Jeg kommer opprinnelig fra Japan og flyttet til Norge i 2012. Etter å ha arbeidet praktisk med musikk på sykehjem og i frivillige grupper for yngre mennesker med psykiske funksjonshemninger i Japan, ble jeg interessert i å lære mer om hva som gjorde musikk så egnet for eldre mennesker med demens. Jeg tok derfor først […]

Completed Ph.D.

I am finally finished with my Ph.D., my viva was completed a few days ago! I really enjoyed discussing my findings, but I am glad it is all over and I look forward to working on the topic o music and dementia in Norway and the Oslo/Østlandet area. The full abstract can be read below. I want to thank my supervisor, Tia DeNora and all my research colleagues in SocArts at Exeter University. I also want to thank all my informants who spent considerable time with me and allowed me to participate in their events.

Activities in late 2010/early 2011

In the past few months I have been busy with writing up my thesis (ongoing!), but I also found time to do both some research and practising community music as well as visiting several research centres that work on music and health related topics, an area of key interest to me as I work on music and dementia.

Japanese translation of “The Cultural Study of Music”

Japanese edition of Cultural Study of Music

I have been part of a team of Japanese researchers who have translated the well known textbook “The Cultural Study of Music“. This is a book that is frequently used by those of us who do research on the practical use of music and I am very happy that we now have been able to […]

Paper in Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics

I am very lucky to have been asked to contribute, together with my former supervisor Tia DeNora, a chapter to the book “Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics” published by Oxford University Press. This is based on data from my research with elderly people in Japan. Thanks a lot to the editors and reviewers for constructive feedback on the ideas we developed. The book is now published, you can obtain it here

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