Oto Asobi (Japan)

I am one of the founders and core staff of the Oto Asobi project in Kobe. Oto Asobi is Japanese and is written 音 (Oto = sound) 遊び(Asobi = playing). It is an improvised music project for young people with learning difficulties, their parents, music therapists and amateur and professional musicians. Since the start in 2005 when we received funding from Able Art Japan we have run workshops twice a month and performed a number of concerts, and our music has been used as soundtrack for several movies. In 2007 I gave an interview to HIS Voice (click thumbnail below for full article in Czech). When we initiated this project I was in charge of public relation, liaisons between musicians and parents as well as playing a range of instruments in the workshops.


Through our ongoing activities the work of Oto Asobi is recognised in the field of music therapy, community music and improvised music, and our CD received good reviews in magazines such as Brut, Educational Music, EUREKA, and Geijyutsu Shincho.

To purchase a CD or a DVD of Oto Asobi in Europe, please contact me via the link on the left

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