Monthly Archives: February 2010

Symposium on improvisation at University of Exeter, March 2010

I have been busy arranging a symposium on a topic I am particularly interested in, namely improvisation in music and performance. This topic ties in with my work with Oto Asobi. The symposium will be held on the 25 and 26 March 2010 at the University of Exeter. I am very pleased that we will have contributors from Japan as well as Denmark, UK, USA, Canada and Sudan. You can find out more about this symposium here

Presentation at European Music Therapy Congress, May 2010, Spain

I will be presenting a paper based on my fieldwork with “Singing for the Brain” in the UK at the VIII European Music Therapy Congress “Evidence for Music Therapy Practice, Research & Education”. This conference is in Cádiz in Spain from May 5-9, 2010.