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In this section you will find articles about my extensive work in the field of music use for people with dementia and their carers. Feel free to contact me for information using the online contact form.

Lær mer om musikkbruk i demens

Hvordan kan man forbedre livskvaliteten for demente og deres pårørende?


Jeg kan tilby skreddersydde workshoper/introduksjonskurs hvor man lære hvordan kjente sanger kan brukes i forskjellige pleiesituasjoner; dette kan være alt i fra en to timers introduksjon til flere dagers kurs. Disse workshopene passer for pleiere, frivillige, kulturkonsulenter og pedagoger og kan inkludere pilotaktiviteter sammen med demente og deres pårørende, noe som kan lede til selvgående og mer langsiktige aktiviteter drevet av kursdeltagere. Jeg kan også foreta casestudier for institusjoner og kommuner og komme med anbefalinger basert på lokale behov etter å ha jobbet med pleiere, pårørende og demente.


Nedenfor presenterer jeg noen brukerhistorier og mer informasjon om hva jeg kan tilby av tjenester.

Completed Ph.D.

I am finally finished with my Ph.D., my viva was completed a few days ago! I really enjoyed discussing my findings, but I am glad it is all over and I look forward to working on the topic o music and dementia in Norway and the Oslo/Østlandet area. The full abstract can be read below. I want to thank my supervisor, Tia DeNora and all my research colleagues in SocArts at Exeter University. I also want to thank all my informants who spent considerable time with me and allowed me to participate in their events.

Interviewing people with dementia, some suggestions

…the words of people with dementia show us how they feel about the experience of dementia, and in many cases, there is an awareness of the effects of the condition, with often a strong sense of self. (Kotai-Ewers 2000) As part of my research I am often interviewing older people, some of whom have dementia, […]

Music Salon (Japan)


Music Salon ran from 2004 to 2008 in the residential care home Long Life in Koshienguchi and Uminohoshi in Kobe . Following consultation with the residents and service users I set up this project together with Mana Ozaka with the aim of encouraging more group interaction where the onus was on the residents to develop […]

Singing for the Brain (UK)


My core PhD research in the UK takes place at the Alzheimer Society’s Singing for the Brain project in South West region of the UK. Singing for the Brain is a singing activity for people with dementia and their carers, and a number of groups exists around the country. It is one of many activities […]

PhD: We’ll meet again : Music in dementia care

I am currently doing a PhD in music sociology at Exeter University with Tia DeNora. Here I work as a part of SocArts, an international group of cross-disciplinary researchers working on music use in many areas of everyday life.

MA: Musical orientation of the elderly people in Japan

My MA which combined music therapy and new musicology was based on ethnographic research with residents of a care home and user of daycare center who participated in music therapy sessions, both field sites were in Kobe, Japan. A key interest for me was to develop a complete picture of what the musical interests and […]