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I have for many years been involved with young people and their parents in music projects both in Japan and the UK. In this section you can read more about what I have done here.

Ashiya Community Music Therapy Project (Japan)

Ashiya Community Music Therapy Project took place from September 2004 to February 2005 in one of the care homes for people with learning disabilities in my home town of Ashiya. It was organized by a number of Kobe University graduate school students including me together with our professor, local music therapists and musicians. Our aim […]

Oto Asobi (Japan)

I am one of the founders and core staff of the Oto Asobi project in Kobe. Oto Asobi is Japanese and is written 音 (Oto = sound) 遊び(Asobi = playing). It is an improvised music project for young people with learning difficulties, their parents, music therapists and amateur and professional musicians. Since the start in […]

Soundwaves (UK)


Soundwaves Music Project is run by the charity Soundwaves . It is a music project where people with and without learning difficulties make music together every week in South West Region of the UK.  I have been involved with this project as volunteer and musician, and below you can see a video where we made […]