Singing for the Brain (UK)


My core PhD research in the UK takes place at the Alzheimer Society’s Singing for the Brain project in South West region of the UK. Singing for the Brain is a singing activity for people with dementia and their carers, and a number of groups exists around the country. It is one of many activities […]

Oto Asobi (Japan)

I am one of the founders and core staff of the Oto Asobi project in Kobe. Oto Asobi is Japanese and is written 音 (Oto = sound) 遊び(Asobi = playing). It is an improvised music project for young people with learning difficulties, their parents, music therapists and amateur and professional musicians. Since the start in […]

Soundwaves (UK)


Soundwaves Music Project is run by the charity Soundwaves . It is a music project where people with and without learning difficulties make music together every week in South West Region of the UK.  I have been involved with this project as volunteer and musician, and below you can see a video where we made […]

PhD: We’ll meet again : Music in dementia care

I am currently doing a PhD in music sociology at Exeter University with Tia DeNora. Here I work as a part of SocArts, an international group of cross-disciplinary researchers working on music use in many areas of everyday life.

MA: Musical orientation of the elderly people in Japan

My MA which combined music therapy and new musicology was based on ethnographic research with residents of a care home and user of daycare center who participated in music therapy sessions, both field sites were in Kobe, Japan. A key interest for me was to develop a complete picture of what the musical interests and […]

About Me

Mariko Hara

Mariko Hara I am originally from Ashiya in Japan and now live in Sørumsand, a bit outside Oslo in Norway. I am currently working as a freelancer on issues related to the use of music in community groups to help people with dementia and their carers. On this website you will find details on all my different projects and activities.

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